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Landfill Fees

 Washington County Solid Waste District Approved 2024 Master Fee Schedule

Landfill Tipping Fees2024 Rate
Municipal Solid Waste (per ton)$35.36
 Uncovered Load Fee (flat rate = double MSW rate)$70.73
 Construction & Demolition (per ton)$30.46
 Slurry (per ton)$73.85
 St. George City Sludge (per ton)$20.12
Freon Appliances (per unit)$36.78
Commercial Recycling (per ton)$161.53
Clean Dirt and Tile (per ton)$10.51
Transfer Station (per yard)$8.15
Paint (per gallon)$3.16
Residential Only:
Less Than One Ton per Month N/C
Uncovered Load Fee (per occurrence)$10.51
Tire Disposal: 
Passenger Tire (unit price)$3.33
 Light Truck Tire (unit price)$5.64
 Semi Truck Tire (unit price)$17.17
 Tire Tonnage (per ton)$326.21
 Axle (per axle)$105.06
 Certified Weight$5.26
Product Sales  
 Compost City (per ton)$26.27
 Compost Public (per ton)$42.03
 Compost Commercial (per ton)$42.03
 Woodchips (per ton)$26.27