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Per WCSW Board Resolution 2010-10-1, Landfill tipping fees are waived for residents up to 2000 pounds per month. Standard fees apply above 2000 pounds. Commercial entities are charged the standard fee.


Per WCSW Board Resolution 2009-09-02, ALL loads must be secured by tarp or tie-down, including heavy loads.  Thank you for helping to keep our communities clean and free of litter.

Landfill Details: What is the Landfill For? 

The landfill is a location set aside for the disposal of solid waste. Our Washington County Landfill is modern and well-maintained to take care of your trash (unwanted materials) and garbage (food waste). Each day, the waste is buried under a six-inch layer of compressed soil to reduce odors and keep the base firm. We offer a variety of services at the landfill: composting, recycling for batteries and tires, removing household hazardous waste, collecting used oil, and many others. 

Paint Exchange Program 

The Paint Exchange Program is a free service to both drop-off and shop for paint. Residents can bring quality new or used paint to the Washington County Landfill to participate in the Paint Exchange Program. The paint needs to be water-based, latex house paint in cans that are more than a quarter full. It needs to be in reusable condition—within 2 years of being opened. If it does not meet these criteria, the paint can be disposed of at the biannual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day or dried out and removed with your regular garbage.




Tire Recycling 

Tires are difficult to landfill because they can trap methane gases. These gases can cause damage to the underground liners that keep our water safe by bubbling to the surface. To protect our water and our environment, tires can be recycled at our Washington County Landfill for a small price. More than 12 tires of any kind are $326.21/ton. Please note that state law does not allow us to take more than 12 tires at a time from residents.

Tire Disposal: 
 Passenger Tire (unit price)3.33
Light Truck Tire (unit price)5.64
Semi Truck Tire (unit price)17.17
Tire Tonnage (per ton)326.21


Bulky Item Removal 

Bulky items are defined as “household appliances, furniture, Christmas trees, bicycles, toys, and tree limbs (less than 6 feet in length and less than 6 inches in diameter bundled).” If you would like your appliances or other larger items removed from your home, please call Republic Services (435) 628-2821 to schedule a Bulky Item Pick-up. All items that qualify as Bulky items will be removed at no charge.






Landfill Safety 

Safety Vests

 WCWD requires that all individuals exiting a vehicle on the working face wear a high visibility safety vest. Safety vests are available for purchase when checkin gin for $5.26 a vest.

Covered Loads

Please remember to secure you load as you head to the landfill. It is a matter of safety and keeping our community beautiful. If unsecured, you will be charged $10.51. Commercial haulers will be charged a flat rate of $70.73.

Our definition of secured is tarped or tied down.

Large Loads

Residents are allotted 2,000 pounds for month for no charge. Any amount in excess of 2,000 pounds will be changed the current MSW rate of $35.36/ton