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My garbage/recycling can wasn't emptied today. Will you come back and empty my cans? 

Please contact Republic Services at 435-628-6914 for all missed trash and recycling pickup. If you have a hard time reaching them, call us at 435-673-2813 and we'll do our best to help you get in touch with Republic Services.

My garbage/recycling can is missing or damaged. How do I get it replaced? 

Please fill out this Order and Repairs Form or call our office at 435-673-2813 so we can assist in getting it repaired or replaced.

I got a bill in the mail from you. What is it for? How do I pay it? 

If you live in an unincorporated area of the county, you are billed directly by WCSW for garbage services and should receive a quarterly bill from us.

It is also possible you signed up for additional cans/garbage service. This is also billed through us at WCSW.

You can send payment through the mail or pay online.

Any other residential billing questions, please contact our Administrative Assistant at 435-673-2813 ext. 302.


 If you have a commercial line of credit account for the landfill, you will receive a monthly bill for that which can be paid online through our online bill pay.

Any other commercial billing questions, please contact our Scalehouse Supervisor at 435-673-2813 ext. 315.

I haven't received my garbage bill yet. Where is it? 

If you live in an incorporated area of the county, you are billed through the utilities department of your city, contact your local city offices for questions regarding your bill.

If you live in an unincorporated area of the county, you are billed directly by WCSW and should receive a quarterly bill from us. If you have not or if you have further questions regarding this bill, please contact our Administrative Assistant at 435-673-2813 ext. 302.

When is my garbage/recycling day? 

To find out your garbage schedule, please visit our Schedule page. Input your address in the calendar tab. From there you can see your schedule, get reminders, or get a calendar.

I'm moving, what do I do with my garbage cans? 

Please leave your cans for the next resident at your home. If you are paying for extra garbage cans, please contact us at 435-673-2813 and we can schedule a pick up time for your extra cans.

The metal bar is missing on my new garbage can. Do I need that metal bar? 

The garbage trucks that Republic Services uses do not lift the cans with the metal bar. You'll notice that new cans do not have the bar and they don't need it.

Do you sell compost? Is it currently available for sale? 

Yes, we sell compost and woodchips. Both are made from the chipped green waste that is brought into the landfill. We do not allow weeds, poisonous plants, etc. to our green waste pile.

For current prices and availability, please check our Compost page on our website.

When are your after hours dumpsters open? 

We no longer offer any after hour services at the landfill. Please visit us during our normal business hours Monday - Saturday.

How do I get rid of hazardous waste (paint, gasoline, pesticides, chemicals, etc.)? 

Because we are not permitted to accept hazardous waste at the WCSW landfill, we offer a hazardous waste day twice a year for our residents.


Please see our hazardous waste page for details.

I don't recycle and/or I don't want to pay for the recycle program. Will you pickup my Blucan? Can I opt out of the program? 

There is no recycling opt out program available through WCSW.  If you wish to have the recycling can picked up from your property, WCSW will remove it.  However, the cost of recycling will remain on your utility bill. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please contact your city or town directly.   

If you have further questions, please call us at 435-673-2813


I heard that you don't actually recycle and all of the recycling goes straight into the landfill. Is this true? 

Recyclable waste collected from the blue curbside cans and from the tan binnies are brought to a special staging area on the landfill property.  This staging area is a transfer station where the collected recycling is loaded onto a semi-truck and transported to a special Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in North Las Vegas.  We transport approximately 12-36 tons of recyclable waste every weekday from our transfer station.