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Recycling Program Update   

In the last few weeks, we’ve had many phone calls from residents, who, having heard that our contract with Rocky Mountain Recycling is being terminated, mistakenly think that the entire recycling collection program is being terminated as well, and so they want to know what to do with their blue can or when will someone come by to remove the blue can, etc. 

To help correct any misconceptions about the recycling program, we want to emphasize the following:  (1) that although our contract with Rocky Mountain Recycling for processing recyclable materials is being terminated, we are contracting with another entity for processing of recyclable materials for the remainder of the contract term, (2) that this new contract will result in all collected materials being transported to Las Vegas so that nothing will end up in our landfill, (3) that the collection of recyclable materials will continue for the remainder of the contract period (until February of 2021), at which point we’ll need to determine where to go from there, (4) that the cost to the residents will remain unchanged, and (5) that we’ll be making a few changes as to the kinds of materials that should be placed in the blue cans for recycling. Residents are asked to only put the following items in their blucan; Cardboard, Metal food and beverage cans (aluminum and tin), plastics #1 and #2 (ie. milk jugs, water bottles)

We are not, at this point, terminating the recycling program. 


WCSW Recycling Programs

“Binnie” program – We have many sites throughout the county where residents can visit and deposit their recyclables into designated “binnies”. Each type of commodity has a seperate bin. See our binnie location page for a site close to your home.

“BLUCAN” curbside program – This program began in 2016 and provided a blue recycling can to residents in participating cities. Resident can place all of their recyclables into one can and place it out on the curb for collection every other week.

Recycling markets have been in a slump for many years and many items that once had value are now very hard to recycle. We are asking that residents using either the “Binnie” program or the “BLUCAN” curbside program, recycle only the following materials at this time.

  1. Cardboard
  2. Plastics #1 and #2 – ie: Water bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles. Hint: look at the bottom of the container for a number 1 or 2 located inside the recycling symbol
  3. Aluminum beverage cans
  4. Steel food cans – ie: tuna fish cans, #10 food storage cans, etc.

Thank you for being diligent in recycling what the markets will allow.


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The WCSW Binnie Recycling Program is the 1st county wide recycling program in the history of southern Utah. This program provides public drop off locations within Washington County where residents can drop off their paper, plastic, metal, and glass. Operational costs for this program are covered by a portion of the residents’ trash removal fees. In turn, 100% of the commodity money is given back to the cities and towns that make up Washington County for community enhancment projects.


Our Goals

Public Education We have teamed up with local media groups (radio, newspaper, websites, and television)  to inform residents about the various recycling opportunities available through the WCSW.

Educating our youth The WCSW is committed to educating our youth to be good stewards. We have a recycling education program that can be tailored to all ages. Please contact us at (435) 673-2813 if you’re classroom, church group, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or any youth program is interested in learning about reducing, reusing and recycling.



Tangible Benefits The money collected from selling the commodities go back into the cities and towns that make up Washington County. Click on the link to find out how this money benefits your community.

Convenience Binnies are located close to where you live so that it is convenient to drop off your recycling. Binnies can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.