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Recycling Program Update   

To help correct any misconceptions about the recycling program, we want to emphasize the following:  (1) that although our contract with Rocky Mountain Recycling for processing recyclable materials was terminated, we are contracting with Republic Service for processing of recyclable materials for the remainder of the contract term, (2) that this new contract will result in all collected materials being transported to Las Vegas so that nothing will end up in our landfill, (3) that the collection of recyclable materials will continue for the remainder of the contract period (until February of 2021), at which point we’ll need to determine where to go from there, (4) that the cost to the residents will remain unchanged, and (5) that we’ll be making a few changes as to the kinds of materials that should be placed in the blue cans for recycling. Residents are asked to only put the following items in their blucan; Mixed Paper (Junk mail, magazines, newsprint), Cardboard, Metal food and beverage cans (aluminum and tin), plastics #1 and #2 (ie. milk jugs, water bottles). Please have all containers clean and dry before placing them in your blucan. To have a successful program and to help eliminate costs please refer to the lid of your blucan for items that are acceptable. Placing items that we cannot recycle only increases our costs to process the materials and therefore is a detriment to the program.

We are not, at this point, terminating the recycling program. 

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