Washington County Solid Waste

Paint Exchange Program

Where to drop off paint

Residents with paint cans that are less than a quarter full are encouraged to dry out the remaining paint. The dried out paint cans may be placed in the regular garbage.
Residents with larger quantities of paint can bring it to the Washington County Landfill to participate in the Paint exchange Program. We ask that you only bring good usuable latex paint.
Residents with expired paint are encouraged to take advantage of our next Household Hazardous Waste collection Day. Info can be found by clicking here.

Free Service

There is no cost to our residents to drop off or to pick up paint.

What We Accept

New, water-based, latex house paint. It needs to be in reusable condition- within 2 years of being opened. If it does not meet this criteria, it can be disposed of at the biannual Household Hazardous Waste Day, or dried up using dirt, cat litter, or paint hardening powder. Once the paint is hardened, it can be disposed of with your regular garbage.

Small Businesses

Small businesses thatĀ meet the “conditionally exempt small quantity generators” criteria meaning they produce less thanĀ 220lbs per month can drop off their paint for a fee of $3 per gallon.

Key to a Successful Program

In order for this program to truly be successful, residents must drop off quality paint. This will allow residents to truly “shop” for paint here at the landfill.
We encourage you, the next time you have a house, school, or group project that requires paint, to look at the paint at our Paint Shed here at the landfill first. Remember it is free!