Washington County Solid Waste

Rules and Regulations


In compliance with EPA regualtions, all appliances that contain Freon are required to have a certificate of evacuation.  Businesses can bring in an appliance with a certificate of evacuation free of charge.  WCSW will accept appliances from businesses without a certificate of evacuation for a fee of $35, residents may bring in an appliance with or without the certificate at no charge.

If  you would like these items or other larger items removed from your home, please call Allied Waste (435) 628-2821 to schedule a Bulky Item pick up.  For items that require freon evacuation a fee will be assessed by Allied Waste.  All others items that qualify as Bulky items will be removed at no charge.

Covered Loads

Please remember to cover your load as you head to the Landfill.  It is a matter of safety and keeping our community beautiful.

If uncovered…

  • Commercial Haulers- Must pay double the current regular tipping fee per ton.
  • Residential- There will be a $10 fee and we will supply you with a tarp

Large Loads

Residents bringing in construction and demolition debri will not be charged unless the amount exceeds 2000 lbs within 30 days.  The resident will then be charged the current tipping fees.


All Commercial Haulers must supply their own safety vests and hard hats and they must be worn at the working face.  Safety Vests can be purchased at the landfill.  WCSW will provide a safety vest for residents needing to unload at the working face.