Washington County Solid Waste

How to Get Started

Mini_Binnies_Website-006Starting to recycle in your own home might seem overwhelming. We have broken it up into 4 easy steps to assist in setting up a system that will work for you and your household.

First Step: Pick a room
In your home, pick a room that is convenient for you or your family to place recyclables. This could be in the kitchen, garage, back patio, or carport. Make it work for your lifestyle.
Second Step: Pick a container
The containers that you use should be easy to carry and fit into your vehicle. The containers should reflect how much you consume, how large is your household, and how  often you want to travel to a Binnie location.

     Recommended Recycling                      Containers

  • Canvas Totes
  • Mini-Binnies (see below)

     Not Recommended

  •    Garbage Sacks
  •    Tall trash cans (40-60           gallon)
  •    Plastic Grocery Sacks

Third Step: Print out a chart
Print out the WCSW Recycle Chart and place by containers. Make sure it is visible to all of your family members and visitors. If your containers are not directly in your home, place another chart on your refrigerator.
Fourth Step: Pick out a location
Type in your zip code to find a Binnie location near your home or a location that you visit frequently.
Advanced Step: Watch what you buy
bagsWhen buying groceries, pay attention to the packaging. Product packaging accounts for 1/3 of our trash.

Make sure the containers you buy your food in can be recycled in the Binnies.

Helpful Hint: Rinse Right Away
Rinse out food and beverage excess right away from plastic, metal, and glass containers. It will take less of your time and less water to do so.
For additional questions or suggestions on how to get started, please contact WCSW at (435) 673-2813.