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Curbside Recycling

Curbside Recycling coming soon in Washington County

Washington County Solid Waste BLUCAN curbside recycling in now operational. Please read the information below for more information about the program. For questions regarding billing for this program please contact your city utilities department. To report a missed pick up please call Dixie Waste at 435-673-5610. To request a repair or delivery of your trash and recycling carts please call Washington County Solid Waste at 435-673-2813. To find your collection schedule please type your address in the box below.

  • What does the term “Curbside Recycling” mean?
    • Curbside recycling is the collection, processing and reuse of non-hazardous materials.
    • Curbside recycling in Washington County will be accomplished by placing all recyclable materials into 1 single container similar to the current waste container. This is also known as “single stream recycling”
  • What materials can be placed in my recycle cart?
    • Paper fiber (any paper that tears and is not food contaminated); cardboard, magazines, junk mail, phone books, newspaper, etc.
    • Aluminum cans, foil, tin, steel bi-metal cans.
    • Plastic containers; #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7.
    • The list of acceptable materials will be better defined once we choose which company will process the recycling materials here in Washington County.
    • Unfortunately we cannot accept plastic bags and glass.
  • Why can’t I recycle glass, green wastes, and other recyclable materials in the curbside program?
    • We have chosen to start with the typical materials included in a residential curbside program. As the program continues to grow other items will be evaluated.
    • With some practice composting green waste can be practiced at home.
    • Green waste can be delivered to the landfill composting yard or the Brigham Road St. George Reuse Facility.
    • We plan on leaving the “Binnie” program in place for residents that do not want to participate in the curbside program. Those bins will still be available for glass recycling. Currently it costs $15 per ton to recycle glass.
  • How is the material separated?
    • Materials are baled and shipped to be processed using automated separation equipment at a MRF (Material Recovery Facility). The value for the material is determined by market rates.
    • Someday we hope to have a MRF in Washington County and retain more of the material commodity value here locally.
  • How is Single Stream Recycling collected?
    • Single Stream Recycling will be collected in residential side load recycling/waste trucks utilized on dedicated recycling routes.
    • These routes will be on the same day of the week as your current trash collection day.
  • How do I place recycling in my recycle cart?
    • Since there is no need to separate recyclable materials, simply and conveniently place in the cart and roll out curbside the night before scheduled service.
    • Please follow recycle guidelines provided. Each recycling container lid will have a list of acceptable materials to place in the cart.
  • What if I generate more recyclable material than the cart can properly contain?
    • Breaking down boxes flat, removing lids and crushing containers certainly will help.
    • We are in the process of negotiating a cost for a 2nd recycling container.
  • What does Recycling/Single Stream Recycling do for me as an individual?
    • It gives you the ability to control future waste cost due to increase tipping fees for waste being diverted from landfills.
    • Increases the lifespan our local landfill, which reduces cost of transportation to landfills outside local region.
    • Provides marketable goods to recyclable end markets to provide future product from recycled material which reduces costs of packaging to you as a consumer.
    • Once material is buried in a landfill it provides an uncertain future purpose in the economy.
    • A growing recycling culture will renew the economical benefit of marketable products in a continuous cycle. Increased mass participation increases economies of scale resulting in a more efficient economy while preserving limited resources.
  • Why is it important for the Solid Waste District to start a curbside recycling program now?
    • Although our current landfill has many years of life, it is important to reduce the current waste stream now to lengthen its life. We look at saving airspace for the landfill the same as one would look at saving for retirement. The sooner you start the larger the benefit you will receive.
    • Curbside recycling will divert some of the lighter fluffier waste. We won’t see a tremendous reduction in weight coming to the landfill however with the reduction of this light weight fluffy material, our compaction rates will increase and that is where we will see the greatest impact in the life of the landfill.
    • Although there appears to be hundreds and thousands of acres of land in Washington County that we could put a new landfill, this is just not as feasible and practical as it may appear. The process to start a new landfill is very expensive and a very difficult process. Most of the land in Washington County is currently occupied by the BLM, Forest Service, SITLA, etc. and no one wants a landfill in their backyard. If we were able to find property to place a new landfill in Washington County, it would most likely be on the very outskirts of the County. We would then need to build a transfer station in a central location and then transfer the waste into larger vehicles to haul to the landfill. Current landfill tipping fees and residential waste collection fees would then have to be raised significantly to offset these additional costs.
    • The bottom line is that the Solid Waste District is working hard to keep rates as low as possible while managing the waste responsibly for future generations.

If you would like to leave your opinions or concerns in regards to curbside recycling please visit our curbside recycling website, scroll to the bottom and click on ask a questionwww.blucan.org

Find more information regarding BLUCAN curbside recycling please visit www.blucan.org.

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