Washington County Solid Waste

Electronic Recycling

Residents of Washington County are encouraged to bring their broken or unused electronic items to the landfill to be recycled.

Why recycle electronics?

There are two important reasons to recycle electronics. One is that they can be filled with harmful chemicals that we do not want to bury in the landfill. Two is that the Washington County Landfill is an important asset to protect. Electronic material is the fastest growing waste stream in America. It is growing 3x faster than any other waste stream. The trend shows that we will continue to consume more and more electronics.

Please click here to view The Story of Stuff. It was produced to educate us about the complex problems that our electronic consumption causes and the challenges we face in solving the problem.

How do we define electronics?

The most common items are computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, and television sets.

This does not include refrigerators or air conditioners, or freezers. These items must be handled separately because they contain Freon.

Where do we bring our electronics?

Residents may bring electronic items to the Washington County Landfill during Scale House operating hours.

What are the costs?

It is FREE, if you are a Washington County resident. Commercial businesses are charged 25 cents per pound. Please contact Neil Schwendiman if you are a non-profit organization.

Are there other options?

Yes. Virgin Valley Recycling located in Hurricane recycles electronic material (435) 705-8827.  Another option is to check with Best Buy and Staples to learn about their take back programs.