Washington County Solid Waste


Compost Program

Our composting program allows residents to recycle their yard trimmings into mulch. It becomes a great soil amendment to mix in with your soil before landscaping or planting a garden.

What can be composted?

Grass clippings, leaves, and tree branches can be composted. Please do not mix in palm frawns or oleanders in with green waste as they do not compost well.

Where to bring compost

Materials to compost can be brought to the landfill or the reuse center at no charge.

Washington County Landfill
325 N Landfill Rd
Washington, Utah 84780

Reuse Center
575 E Brigham Rd
St. George, Utah 84790

How can I purchase compost?

Compost can be purchased subject to availability at the Washington County Landfill.

  • Residents: $20/ton
  • Commercial: $35/ton
  • Woodchips: $15/ton

Pictures of compost

Yearly tonnage

The average amount of green waste collected annually is 5,800 lbs., the Reuse Center collected 3,800 lbs. and the Washington County Landfill collected 2,000.*

The average amount of compost prepared annually is 3,200 tons or 6.4 million pounds.*

*Averages based on annual numbers for 2005, 2006, and 2007.